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my damn health

I am home from work sick today. I have a fever. I have chills. I also have the most intense allegies of my life. I am quickly rotating from jagged coughs to tickling sneezes I have swollen eyes and swollen glands and there is snot everywhere. And I am sweating with the A/C on and the other day my throat hurt so bad I couldn't talk. I hope livejournaling makes it all better.

And I want pizza. Though Jarah said she would bring me back Jamba Juice.

Lord knows if I'll survive until then. I hate this hot smog-hole we live in sometimes.
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Reemmber when I used to actually write posts about day-to-day crap and I didn't do any of this band crap and I would hang out and drank way too much. And not play music. Those were the good old days...

Soooooooo. Me and Greer and Brad and Becky are hitting the road in a couple of weeks and I thought I'd share the dates with y'all. They look like this:

I wish that you Portland people were staying put around then instead of going to wedding parties. I really want to see Ashod's house to and go to Junior's with him and pose with him in front of that weird wallpaper in a reflective manner like I am a Niilo in a Smeds' painting.

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recycled tape compilation

hey kids, so, as some of you may know the band rademacher, the band I am in, is planning on doing two tours in the coming months. One brief west coast tour in april and another tour that (hopefully) will take us to the other side of the country and back.

we're excited and maybe you're excited for us.

well, I was doing some math and trying to get a some idea of how much our brief national tour is going to cost. and it is a lot. A lot more than we can afford right now.

So then I started thinking about ways to raise some money. And one I came up with (that I liked) was a recycled tape compilation.

Basically, we would take old tapes donated by friends and family and we would overdub them with music made by rademacher and our friends.

We have lots of material, old and unreleased demos, new stuff, 4 track stuff and all kinds of things we could put on a compilation.

But we could always use more music. I know there are other musicians out there who could probs contribute a track. I'm looking at you olmstead.

We would sell the comp at our upcoming shows and probs have an informal release party somewheres. Maybe Tokyo maybe Starline maybe Broadway maybe a garage.

Hopefully it could help us raise some money so that we can get this tour up and running.

So, if you'd like to help us take our music on the road, if you have any thoughts or feedback on this idea, if you'd like to contribute a track or some old cassettes for us to tape over, ANYTHING! Leave a comment.

It might be fun and maybe this comp will be one of those weird momentos that our kids find years down the road in a box in a garage and are like, "What the heck is this?"

Conceptually, I think that is what we're aiming for.

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PS This poster is lame 'cause it is a picture of us. I thought I would say that before the BIRD or ASHOD chimed in. Ashod, if you read this, you and erin are awesome hosts. I still have a warm fuzzy feeling from the nyquil I found in the bathroom. thank you. thank you. thank you.